The future of global talent mobility

Looking ahead & lessons from the pandemic

Are you ready for the new employee?

All over the world governments are taking actions to stimulate economic recovery. What is the impact on the migration and international mobility of your employees?

Are your employees ready to travel again? Are they able to?

What are new risks and potential restrictions?

What are the consequences of of such risks and restrictions? What actions are possible or needed?

How do you handle these challenges?

With interactive talks, case studies, keynote sessions and networking opportunities, this conference is a perfect fit for professionals looking to network and wanting to exchange experiences on the latest strategies available to improve and shape the future of the global mobility.

All participants will get the opportunity to discuss some of their own questions with the specialists in breakout-groups.

Thursday 14 October 2021 | 17:30 – 21:45

Odisee Campus Brussels, Hermes 3 Building, Warmoesberg, Brussels